Sunday Summaries Archive

Missed a Sunday – or several? Listen to the audio files here to hear the sermon. Pastor Wayne has also provided summaries of each sermon. Below you will find the list of summaries from each sermon. To read the latest sermon, visit our the Sunday summary page.

Ecclesiastes: Finding Joy in the ‘Shadowlands’

All is Vanity
Chasing the Wind
Turn, Turn,Turn
Instructions from the Grave
Towards Home

Who is Jesus?

Summer 2017

Who Do You Say I Am?
An Extraordinary Man – and then Some!
King of kings
One of Us
The Great Exchange
That Rock was Christ
Christ the Victor!
My Lord and My God
Rejecting the Real Jesus

Christianity 101

Winter 2017

Ephesians Introduction
The Father’s Purpose
The Son’s Mission
The Spirit’s Assurance
Open Your Eyes
But God…
God’s New Society
The Mystery of Christ
The Power of Love
God’s Vision for the ChurchBe What You Are
Christian Imitation
Be Filled with the SpiritChristian Living in the Home Part 1
Work Matters
The Armor of Faith
Spiritual Warfare: Our Enemy
Our ‘Not-so’ Secret Resource
There is a Way Out
The Way Back

Christ’s Advent:

Christmas Season 2016

Sign of the Covenant
Born for Nobodies..Like Us!
Born to Serve…to Die!
Nothing That is Possible Can Save Us
Never Always Winter

The Ten Commandments

Fall 2016

Ten Words of a Good Life
No Other gods
The Second Word of Grace
Name Above All Names
Remember the Sabbath
Honor Your Father and Mother
The Lord of Life
Purity in Christ
Stop, Thief!
Truth is Sacred
Be Content

Attributes of God

Summer 2016

Glory, Glory…
I Can’t See You God
God is Everywhere
Now to the King Eternal
God Does Not Change
The Great I AM
God Has All the Answers
The Lord God Omnipotent Reigns
Holy is the Lord
God’s Justice
God is Good
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Standalone Sermons:

Reformation Sunday, October 30, 2016

Treasure of the Gospel

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let Us Wake Before We Die