Sunday Summary

Sunday, July 16, 2017
“One of Us”
Luke 4:1-13

In his commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Michael Wilcock pictures our present human existence as a pit, in which all of us are trapped, for the sin of Adam has removed any possibility of our climbing out into the upper world. Jesus is like us – in that he has come down into the same pit with us. That is the message both of the baptism story and of the family tree (Luke 3).

“But he is unlike us,” writes Wilcock, “in that while we are here because of a fall in disobedience, he is here because of a descent in obedience, and he has never let go of the rope which joins him to the world above.”

Jesus is firmly anchored up there, in the unbroken relation of sonship with his Father. That is why his humanity is distinctive. That is why it is only by clinging to him that we can ever be lifted out of the pit.

In our passage this week from Luke 4:1-13, on the temptation of Jesus, we learn that “the confrontation here in the wilderness is the first occasion in history that a son of Adam has raised an effective defense against Satan. For Satan, the writing is on the wall. For humanity, the possibility of a new start comes electrifyingly into view.”

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