Sunday Summary

Sunday, September 17, 2017
“Turn,Turn, Turn”
Ecclesiastes 3:!-5:20

Solomon begins with a confession of faith in chapter 3: God is Lord of the times. He has a plan that embraces every man, woman, and child, and all their actions. His plan is fitting and good. He then examines a host of troubling anomalies and apparent contradictions (chaps. 3 & 4) to the confession of God’s all-encompassing plan.

After taking us on a fast-moving tour of six sights that might lead us to question that God has an overarching plan for all time, Solomon concludes that none of them should be used as an excuse for neglecting one’s relationship to the God who said he is actively in charge of all things. Sadly, however, some people are led to practical atheism; that is, they are tempted to act as if God were not in control.

But do not be seduced by the six anomalies above and adopt an irreligious stance to life; instead, in faith, ‘go to the house of God’ with a receptive attitude and a readiness to listen rather than lecture God on what he ought to do (5:1-7). Once again, in a broken and sin-cursed world, Solomon offers us a hint of hope as he concludes this section: ‘What I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment’ in your toil ‘under the sun’ (5:18).

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