Sunday Summary

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Distinctives of a Reformed Spirituality Series
Psalm 111

The doctrines which are the special emphases of reformed faith, that is, which we wish to stress as the bible does, though many other Christians neglect them—these doctrines have profound and important consequences. I am thinking of the doctrines of sovereignty, of the sovereignty of God over all things—that absolute divine rule over and explanation of all things. And, especially, the doctrine of the sovereignty of divine grace: that salvation is from beginning to end, the work, the gift, and the achievement of God. As the Bible declares, ‘Salvation belongs to the Lord’ (Jonah 2:9).

These doctrines have the most intensely practical applications and implications. And one of the chief of those implications is that we who believe these things ought to be distinguished by our thankfulness, our gratitude to God. In other words, a psalm like Ps 111 ought to be characteristic of us; of our private thoughts, of our conversation with one another, of our witness-bearing to those who are not Christians, and of our corporate worship. Thanksgiving ought to be writ large over our lives and thankful ought to describe us.

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