Sunday Summary

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Apocalypse Now: The Lion Roars

The Wrath of the Lamb
Revelation 6:1-17/h3>

The visions of God’s throne and of the glorified Lamb in chapters 4 and 5 occupy the very heart of the book of Revelation, depicting God as sovereign over history. In chapter 6, Jesus begins opening the seals of the scroll that he has been found worthy to open. Four riders and additional cataclysmic events go forth at Christ’s command, showing that Christ reigns not only over the hearts of those who love him but also over the dangerous forces unleashed in the world.

Jesus truly is, as John has said, ‘the ruler of kings on earth’ (Rev. 1:5), and therefore his followers can face tribulation with hope. This section reveals, in fact, that destructive events are brought about by Christ for both redemptive and judicial purposes. It is Christ sitting on his throne who controls all the trials and persecutions of the church.

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