The Lord’s Prayer

J. I. Packer writes, “The Lord’s Prayer is a marvel of compression, and full of meaning. It is a compendium of the gospel (Tertullian), a body of divinity (Thomas Watson), a rule of purpose as well as of petition, and thus a key to the whole business of living, what it means to be a Christian is nowhere clearer than here.”

Thus, the Lord’s Prayer is a family prayer for all God’s children. There are three important ways in which this is true. The first is the most obvious: in the Lord’s Prayer we pray to our Father. There is a second sense in which the Lord’s Prayer is a family prayer. The Father to whom we pray is called our Father. This means that when we pray, we are joined by our brothers and sisters. There is one final sense in which the Lord’s Prayer is a family prayer. It is a prayer we learn from our Older Brother. Which means that Jesus prays the Lord’s Prayer with us and for us.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray this way because it was the way he prayed. Think of the Lord’s Prayer as a ‘pre-owned prayer.’ It comes to us second-hand, tried and tested by our Older Brother. And when Jesus made these petitions, his prayers were answered. If God has answered the prayers of our Lord, he will answer us when we pray the Lord’s Prayer. If you are a child of God, use your family prayer. Pray with your brothers and sisters, the way your Older Brother always did. Your Father is ready to listen.

In this series, we note that this prayer is a pattern for all Christian praying; Jesus is teaching that prayer will be acceptable when, and only when, the attitudes, thoughts, and desires expressed fit the pattern. That is to say: every prayer of ours should be a praying of the Lord’s Prayer in some shape or form. How simple yet deeply profound the Lord’s Prayer is, as we can see even in brief outline:

  • The Fatherhood of God (and his loving care for his children)
  • The holiness of God (and his holy sacrifice for us)
  • The Kingdom of God (and his reign over all of life)
  • The will of God (and his perfect plan for us)
  • The provision of God (day by day for all our needs)
  • The pardon of God (for all sins and the sins of others)
  • The protection of God (from temptation and the tempter)
  • The reality of his Kingdom, his power, and his glory forever

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