Genesis: First Things

The first eleven chapters of Genesis are among the most important in Scripture. They are among the best known. And they are frequently the most misunderstood. A faithful understanding of these materials requires that interpreters be clear about the nature of the material presented and the relationship it has to the remainder of Scripture. These chapters are vital because if people do not understand the basic truths laid out here then they will operate from a world view that is distorted. In these pages we are introduced to our God who is good, to who we are as humanity, to this world, and most especially, why the world is the way that it is; we are not in paradise any longer. In addition, a proper understanding of these chapters enables us to think through the relationship of Christianity and science. Hence, if people do not understand Genesis 1-11, they will be operating with a distorted view of their own life and the world in which they live.

Sermons & Summaries

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