Finding Joy in the Shadowlands

The book of Ecclesiastes determines to show us how to find our way amid the broken sacred of the world. One person likened it to a large directory map inside the door of a shopping mall. ‘You are here,’ it shows you. By such a mark you locate yourself in relation to every hallway or store in the building. Another person used the analogy of a park ranger. When you go to a park to hike a trail, you talk to a park ranger, or perhaps, you download an app showing the layout and dimensions of the trail. These details help you to know where you’re supposed to be by sunset as well as where danger lies if you attempt an after-sunset walkabout. You need the park ranger or other tools in order to navigate the park trails. Our ranger is ‘the Preacher,’ and he gives us a tour and helps us navigate ‘once-Eden.’

Sermons & Summaries

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