Easter 2018

The movie Gladiator is a good movie with lots of swords, lots of battles, and lines like this, ‘’What we do in life echoes in eternity’. And then at the, when the hero, Maximus, has killed the evil emperor in mortal combat to restore Rome to freedom and justice, but has himself died in the fight, the line: ‘He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him’. And that, as the Roman senators and gladiators bear his corpse out of the Colosseum, is the end of Maximus and the end of the film. [spoiler alert] Except that isn’t it. Instead, we see Maximus, alive beyond his own death, in a cornfield, with his wife and child (already brutally murdered by the emperor) running towards him. We hear the friend who has been by his side for most of the film whispering: ‘I will see you again. But not yet… not yet’. Only then does the film end.

Why did they add those last bits? Because something inside us is dissatisfied with death being the end. A life well-lived… a heroic final deed…. It’s not enough. Deep down, we want there to be more. We long for a happy ever after, even as life repeatedly reminds us that death is the end. Of course we long for this – for Scripture teaches that God has put eternity in our hearts. The good news of Easter is the more. Easter surprises us with an empty tomb. The Lord is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Easter 2018 Sermons & Summaries

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Easter 2017

How is it that you could wake before you die? There once was a man who woke before he died. His name was Lazarus. For you see, Lazarus lived and then died. Then he awoke, and of course, though it is not in this part of the Bible, he died. So Lazarus awoke before he died. How do we wake before we die? Well, to put a profound truth simply, we are awakened through Christ, for Christ, and in Christ. We are awakened to new life through Christ’s Coming. There was only death and mourning and hopelessness before Jesus came to raise Lazarus from the dead (John 11:11-15). Then comes Jesus. Easter is the good news that Jesus comes to bring new life.

Easter 2017 Sermons & Summaries

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