Christ’s Advent

The poet W.H. Auden wrote, ‘For the Time Being,’ during the dark days of WWII. One of the lines in this epic fifty-two-page poem reads: “Nothing that is possible can save us / We who must die demand a miracle.”

This is a bold statement, and one whose truth might not be self-evident in everyday life. Because many of the problems we face on a daily level can be fixed, or at least, addressed. Auden’s meaning becomes clearer when we consider problems of a less everyday nature. The kind that keep us up at night. The sort of problems that are not ‘fixable.’

Our condition is not fixable. That is, we can plainly say that the solution to human nature has not been found in the realm of “what’s possible.” Instead, we need a miracle to save us – from ourselves, from our sin, and ultimately, from death. In this Advent series we explore the miracle of Christ’s incarnation for our salvation.

Sermons & Summaries

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