Christianity 101

John Mackay, who later became the president of Princeton Theological Seminary, when he was a fourteen-year-old boy in 1903, wandered out into the hills of the highlands of Scotland with his Bible in his hand, and read through the Book of Ephesians. It was a life-changing experience for him. He was gripped by the truth that he found in this book.

Here's this fourteen-year-old. What in the world did he see in the Book of Ephesians? Well, he tells us, “I saw a new world. Everything was new. I had a new outlook, new experiences, new attitudes towards other people. I loved God. Jesus Christ became the center of everything. I had been quickened. I was really alive.”

What did he see in the Book of Ephesians that had that kind of impact on him? Why has this book been so precious and beloved to Christians through the ages? Calvin called this his “favorite letter”, and one commentator last century said, “This is the queen of the epistles.” While Samuel Taylor Coleridge called it 'the divinest composition of man.’ Yet another person said that ''’Pound for Pound' Ephesians may well be the most influential document ever written.”

Finally, in the words of John Mackay, this letter is “pure music… What we read here is truth that sings, doctrine set to music.” Why have Christians responded to the Book of Ephesians in this way? In this letter we find the basics of our faith, thus
leading us to identify this series as Christianity 101.

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