Apocalypse Now: The Lion Roars

On November 27, 1989, the day when Communism fell in Czechoslovakia, a church in the capital city of Prague erected a sign. For decades, the church had been forbidden any publicity, but with the winds of freedom blowing, the Christians posted three words, which summarized not only the New Testament in general but the book of Revelation in particular: ‘The Lamb Wins’. Their point was not that Christ had unexpectedly gained victory, but that he had been reigning in triumph all along. Richard Bewes explains: ‘Christ is always the winner. He was winning, even when the church seemed to lie crushed under the apparatus of totalitarian rule. Now at least it could be proclaimed!’

The book of Revelation, by its very name, is an unveiling, a vivid disclosure of invisible realities. And the central reality revealed is ‘the Lion who has overcome is the Lamb that was slain’. With another writer, we can summarize the message of Revelation in one sentence: ‘God rules history and will bring it to its consummation in Christ.’

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