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Grace's Perpetual Abundance

There are two things we can do with everything that God has given to us – our time, our money, our abilities, and all our opportunities in life. Either we can keep them for ourselves or else we can give them away for Jesus. The temptation to think only in terms of our limited resources rather than trusting in God and his infinite supply of grace is overwhelming.

We see a sad example of failing to trust God’s supply in a story from the Old Testament. At the beginning of the last chapter of Ruth, Boaz is a man on a mission. Against all expectation, the businessman from Bethlehem has an opportunity to buy a choice piece of land and with the land to marry one of the Bible’s most beautiful women, in every important sense of the word beautiful.

Her name was Ruth. She was a poor girl from a far country, and because Boaz was related to her, he was in a position to help. But according to the biblical laws for kinship redemption, another relative had the right of first refusal – Mr. So-and-So, the Bible calls him (Ruth 4:1). So Boaz sat the man down in front of the town’s elders and asked him, first of all, if he wanted to redeem the field. Mr. So-and-So said that he did.

Then Boaz turned the tables on the man. He explained that when Mr. So-and-So bought the field, the law would require him to marry Ruth. When he married Ruth, he would be obligated to raise a family with her, and this, in turn, would mean sharing his estate with her family as well as his own. When the man realized how much it would cost him to make this transaction, he quickly decided that he didn’t want to do it after all. ‘I can’t buy the field,’ he said to Boaz. ‘It would jeopardize my own inheritance. Here, you take it!’ Which is exactly what Boaz did.

This story illustrates the selfish way that most of us operate most of the time. Mr. So-and-So was willing to give a little to get something in return, but he was so worried about losing what he had that he could not bring himself to make a costly sacrifice for someone else.

Most of us can relate. Often we serve the Lord with what we have left over but hold back from making costly investments in the Kingdom of God. To put this in economic terms, we give God only the interest of our lives, not the principal. For some reason we think that unless we hold on to what we have – our time, our talent, and our treasure – there will be nothing left for us. The gospel calls us instead to a more radical lifestyle of sacrifice.

This Sunday we will consider how to give ourselves away for our Lord Jesus Christ. In our text this week, 2 Corinthians 9:8, the Apostle Paul gives us the secret of the divine economy: the supply of God’s grace is unlimited. Join us this week as we learn that the more we give away for Jesus, the more God gives us everything we need. It is only when we give more than we think we can spare that we find out how generous God really is. Without exception, people who know to give for the glory of God are people who have experienced the extraordinary generosity of his grace. Have you?

For His Glory,