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King of kings

The story of Jesus is not the story of a good man. It is the story of a Claimant to the Throne.

We began this series by asking the question Jesus asked of his disciples: ‘Who do you say that I am?’ (Matt. 16:15). We then started a journey understanding who Jesus is, indeed. First, we noted that he is ‘an extraordinary man…and then some.’ That is, as the Chalcedonian Creed states, Jesus Christ is ‘truly God and truly man.’ This week we come to yet another aspect of who Jesus is: The King of kings. He is not only the long-awaited-for king of Israel, he is the King of all kings.

According to the Bible, Jesus began his public ministry on the day he was baptized in the Jordan River by a man known as John the Baptizer. John knew the Kingdom of God was about to be established on earth (John 1:29-30). That was his whole message. And now he was pointing to Jesus as the King of that Kingdom. Even more significantly, this was far more than just a personal belief on John’s part. According to Jesus himself, John was the last of the Old Testament prophets, the end of a centuries-long line of men whose greatest purpose had been to point the nation’s eyes forward to the one true King whom God would eventually send to rescue them from their sin. Now John was declaring that the moment had come. The King was here.

When Jesus was baptized, Matthew tells us that a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased’ (Matthew. 3:17). The significance of Matthew’s recording is not just in the dove, or even in the voice that everyone understood rightly to be the voice of God. The significance is even more in what the voice said. ‘This is my beloved Son.’ What was the significance of this statement? What did it mean for Israel, for the world? For you? For me?

This Sunday, Chad is going to look at the baptism of Jesus as presented by Matthew 3:13-17, to help us understand the significance of the Father’s words to his Son. He will walk through Scripture to demonstrate the truthfulness of this claim, concluding with the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the King of kings in the book of Revelation. Additionally, he will help us to apply the implications of this glorious truth to our lives; that is, he will guide us through understanding what it means for us personally and corporately to confess that Jesus Christ is the King of kings.

Michelle and I will miss worshiping with you this Sunday as we travel back to our hometown to visit some family and attend to some matters. But we are thankful to the Lord that you will feast on the Word of God in preaching, singing and praying. Chad is preaching and he will be assisted by several others. Pray for us as we pray for you.

May the Lord be with you and your family as you enjoy a holiday weekend. Remember to pray for our services and invite someone to come along with you. One of the greatest pleasures Michelle and I have is that of serving you in Christ. For me there is no greater privilege than to serve as your pastor. I remember you always in prayer with thanksgiving.

For Christ and His Kingdom,