Bible Studies

Monthly Bible Studies

Calvin & Hops is a monthly men’s gathering where men can be men, and where men can challenge one another to grow in godliness. We meet at a local pub-like restaurant. The Bible is taught and discussed, burgers and brew are enjoyed, and grace is always on-tap. It is Luther’s ‘tabletalk’ at its American best. Following the study there is real and rich fellowship with the aroma of pipes and cigars filling the air. Across the past two years we have studied several different Bible books, including Galatians and Romans, of course tackling non-controversial subjects like election and predestination. Beginning in October, we will open the Old Testament book of Judges.

Redeemer Women is a monthly women’s gathering where women are able to fellowship and study what it means to be a Biblical woman in today’s world. We meet on the third Monday at the The Johnson’s house. The women’s study is currently studying The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood by Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson.
*Our women’s group is coming up with a new name soon!

The Young Adults (older high school students and college students) are beginning a new monthly Bible Study on Life Explored: What’s the best gift God could give you? This will start March 3 and meet at Pastor Wayne’s house for food, fellowship, and the exploration of some of life’s big questions.

Missed a Bible Study? Check out our corresponding pages for the Calvin & Hops and Redeemer Women. There you will find the recaps for the monthly meeting, along with relevant news and posts. Coming soon, we will have posts for the Life Explored young adult group as well.