Everyone in our church is gathered from various walks of life. Some of us are fervently committed to Christ. Some of us are newly entering the faith. Others of us are cautiously curious. Wherever you are on the journey, we hope that you feel welcomed and at home in our church.

It is our hope that through your involvement with Redeemer you will be encouraged and emboldened to grow deeper in your understanding of Christ, who he is and how he loves you, as well as with his Church, hopefully coming to love her and receive her love. The best way to do this at Redeemer is through Community groups and for the area (serving and loving neighbors as Jesus did).

At Redeemer, the regular rhythms of worship on Sunday and community groups mid-week should be the staple diet of your Christian formation. But we also recognize that we all need supplements to our diet, and searching this site will help you explore some of those.