Women’s Bible Study

Chapter 3: The Continuity - Legacy of Hope

The third chapter of the book starts by describing a woman named Ursula Cotta. I had never heard of her until I read this chapter, and my guess is that you had never heard of her either. But, she had an amazing opportunity to minister to Martin Luther who would eventually nail his ninety-five theses […]


Chapter 2: The Covenant – Legacy of the Promise

The Lord is gracious and merciful…He remembers his promise forever. Psalms 111:4-5 The first chapter discussed the objectives of the following: To know foundational principles of biblical womanhood To be able to use these principles to articulate a biblical apologetic for womanhood. To cultivate an environment of grace among amoung the participants in the study. […]


Chapter 1: The Call – the Legacy of Grace

The beginning of Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson’s  The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood displays their plan for the book. The quote, “Much of the confusion of womanhood comes because we isolate the discussion from the major theme of Scripture, then we reduce the discussion to roles and behaviors” (16) defines how Hunt and Thompson approach their […]