Who is Jesus?

Rejecting the Real Jesus

Expectations. Expectations. Have you ever gone to a dinner party, thinking it was casual attire, and everyone but you was dressed to a T – the men in suits and ties, the ladies in evening gowns and high heels? Or perhaps you were set up by a friend on a blind date, and this friend […]


My Lord and My God

John’s vision of Jesus in Revelation continues the “Who is Jesus” series and reiterates that the real Jesus, seen clearly, takes our breath away.


What Do You Think of Jesus?

When the apostle John was enabled to see into heaven, he could handle it. When he was enabled to see into hell, he could handle that too. But when he saw Christ, the risen and reigning Christ, he fainted away. And they were best friends during the Lord’s humility here on earth. But when John […]


Christ the Victor!

In this sermon on the continuation of “Who is Jesus”, we will learn how Jesus was satisfied, we are justified, and God is glorified.


Christus Victor

The Christian faith is thoroughly miraculous. The Red Sea parted for Israel, Jesus was born of a virgin, healed diseases, and rose from the dead. Yet, some people get hung up on miracles. In 1804 Thomas Jefferson took a razor to his New Testament and cut out everything he found incompatible with his rationalism. Only […]


Christ, the Rock

In his book, Who is Jesus? Greg Gilbert opens the chapter, ‘Lamb of God, Sacrifice for Man,’ with the following words: “John the Baptizer knew why Jesus had come, and he knew what Jesus would have to do in order to save his people. “Seeing Jesus walk down toward the Jordan River to be baptized, […]