The Promise

The Divine Word

What do you think of Jesus Christ? Who is he? According to Christianity this is the most important question you or anyone else will ever have to face. It is important because it is inescapable – you will have to answer it sooner or later, in this world or in the world to come – […]


A Light Has Dawned

‘Every year, Advent begins in the dark,’ yet Isaiah the prophet points us to light. In this sermon on Isaiah 9:2-7 the hope is seen in the Light that has dawned.


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Dawning of Light

Advent begins this Lord’s Day, Dec. 3. Advent symbolizes the present situation of the church in these “last days” (Acts 2:17), as we (God’s people) wait for the return of Christ in glory to consummate his eternal kingdom. The church is in a similar situation to Israel at the end of the Old Testament: in […]