Sermon Audio

Sardis: In Name Only

In this sermon on the church at Sardis from Revelation 3:1-6, we learn they have a reputation of being alive – a place where things are happening. But they have gone to sleep, and they need to wake up. Unless action is taken quickly they will wither on the vine.


Thyatira: Necessity for Holiness

It is God’s purpose to make us holy, Satan is resolved to frustrate it. And if the devil cannot destroy the church by persecution or heresy, he will try to corrupt it with evil. In this sermon we look at Revelation 2:18-29 and discover the way of holiness.


Surprised By Hope

The resurrection of Jesus means that ‘death itself would start working backwards’. In this sermon on John 20 we explore four things Jesus did by his resurrection.


Where was God at the Cross

In this sermon, we wrestle with the question, ‘Where is God at the cross’, only to see that He is there all along. Thus, when He seems absent in the sufferings of His people, we learn that He is closer than you’ve ever dreamed.