A Child is Born

To Declare His Reign

Christmas is a very dangerous message; it is not about a helpless baby but about God coming to us. The fathers of the church recognized the revolutionary nature of this day and thus it is not coincidental that the feast day associated with Christmas is St. Stephens day. Of course, Stephen (you can read this […]


Deliverance from Bondage

In a day not dissimilar from our own the prophet Isaiah announced that Immanuel would come 7:14. It is easy for us to lose sight of the fact that Immanuel, ‘God with us’, was one of the most familiar and important convictions of the Older Testament. It lay at the heart of the promise God […]


Darkness is Universal

Greetings and grace to you, my friends. As we prepare for the second week of Advent with the theme of PEACE, let me encourage you to continue your reading along with us in Isaiah. If you’ve missed a day or two, no worries. Just pick up where the reading is and enjoy. Remember, take a […]


Reading Isaiah During Advent

Greetings and grace to you. We invite you to join us this Advent season in reading Isaiah. Will you? WHY ISAIAH? Isaiah is a book specifically dedicated to Israel’s history — their past redemption, present disobedience, and the future promises of God’s deliverance. Isaiah is a stunning book, and not only is it essential to […]